R.I.P. 260 Reynard St

Reynard St, Coburg.

Well, unfortunately I don’t have any stories about this little place, but it was the one that was demolished to reveal J. Thomson’s place. Actually, I do have one story … The band was having a rehearsal next door at Ania’s place (J, Thomson’s,) when the people were moving out. It was a free for all on all their unwanted shit. I’m not gonna lie, it was mostly disappointing, but I did pick up two of those old radio/tape players … You know, the one’s your Dad had in the shed? Those. My very own pair of shed radios …. Only one works but I don’t mind.

Anyway, thankfully Ania managed to grab some snaps of all the great pieces that adorned the place before the bulldozers rolled in.

Goodnight, sweet prince.


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