Gilmour’s Milk

Munro St, Coburg.

Well, well, well … What have we here? Did somebody order another Gilmore’s Milk sign?

So, this is the 3rd encounter with Glimour’s Milk now, (also here, and here.) These guys may require  little more looking into …

Now, some of these old milk bars are looking pretty tired, I’ll admit it, but this one looks like a goddamn horror show. Boarded up windows complete with rotting chipboard, fake brick cladding …. I’m half expecting ol’ Leatherface to stumble out and lope menacingly in my general direction.

A pretty funky looking little sign, really. Has a bit of the classic Coopers Black vibe to it, (in blue , obviously.) Unfortunately there was nothing of note on the wall you can see to the right. I’m sure there was once, but not anymore. All the more reason to keep doing this, i’d say.


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