Gilmour’s Milk strikes again.

Reynard St, Coburg.

The mysterious Gilmour’s Milk strikes again. Might be time to find out a bit about these dairymen … This one is right near the corner of Melville and Reynard.

I only managed to dig up a few pieces of information about Gilmour’s Milk on the web.

Gilmour’s Dairy Pty Ltd was formed on 23rd of June, 1938. It took over from R.J. Gilmore Pty Ltd and I’m guessing it was just a family consolidation thing. I can’t find any records as to when R.J Gilmour actually started his dairy. From what I can tell Gilmour’s was in operation up until the 1970’s sometime.

The ad below is from The Argus, 15/09/1955:

I just had a peak on google maps and 21 Barrow St is just a regular house. I’m not sure if this is was their actual head office, or if it was demolished to make way for housing, but it doesn’t look like the location of the dairy itself. 114 Derby St is no longer an address, (118 is a double or triple block on GMaps,) but I believe this is where the actual dairy was. The area around 118/112 has a cul de sac named Gilmour Crt running through it, and a quick visit to the area showed that it is dotted with enormous gum trees. I’m just taking an educated guess here but if I find out anything more concrete i’ll update y’all.

Gilmour’s was obviously the local dairy for the Moreland area which would account for it being so prominent on milk bar facades all around the place.

Since starting this post, I had a bit of a chat to my Dad and he says that the dairy was, in fact, in Derby St Pascoe Vale, so I reckon that’s the place. He did have a funny story about the place, actually …

Apparently the milkys would work a six day week. The fella on my my Dad’s route also used to take his horses out to trot of a Saturday, this being his day off. As a general rule Saturday at the track would turn into a boozy Saturday evening at the track, which would then turn into a pretty seedy, crack-o-dawn,  Sunday morning milk run. My Dad and his mate Mick would follow the bloke around with his horse and cart helping to deliver the milk, and sometimes would find themselves driving the damn thing and making the milk drops themselves while Old Mate had a bit of kip in the back! Here’s picture of a couple of not-so-drunk men driving around in a Gilmore’s Milk cart, from 1974.

Anyway, now back to your regular programming ….

Right next door to the Gilmour’s sign was another shop front. It looks like they might have operated separately going by the stepped-up veranda.

So many damn shops in this street … I wonder what went down here back in the day?


One thought on “Gilmour’s Milk strikes again.

  1. The street was always known a Reynards Road and you can pick old timers who still call it Road. They took the old sign down in the late 50’s I think and replaced it with Street. Old maps show a mix including old MMBW maps showing Reynards Road. Even older maps also mix of road or street and the oldest I saw showed the old farms of what is now Strathmore and Reynards Road. Logically it would be road as it was one of two main roads connecting Pascoe Vale Road and The Sydney Road ( note the “The”), the other being Moreland Road all well before Bell Street I believe. As a rural area Road would more likely be used. Thus it was a busy road and many shops sprang up. People did not travel far so for example small grocer shops abounded in the area but Carter Brothers on the corner of Reynards and Queen was large. There were also cake shops and tea rooms such as at the end of Saunders Street. In fact in Saunders Street there was a tea room and dressmaker shop together at 82 & 84 and you can still see what were the joined shops fronts with houses attached. My grand father built 55 and 63 Saunders Street.
    Many have been left derelict and that is bad. Others have had a makeover some terrible others ok such as what was the butcher (Palmers ,who went on to build squash courts in Moreland Road, and then Alec Hayes) shop on the corner of Gordon Street. One of the oldest homes in Gordon Street was knocked down for horrible flats despite it being of significance; my uncle owned it.
    There were two bakeries, Creeds on the corner of Portland Street and they baked the most delicious bread rolls! Around in Melville road was another bakery backing onto Royal Parade where it housed its horses. My sister just recently bumped into an old lady whose parents owned it.
    Next to the Bug House or Proey was an ice works and wood yard, Prossers I believe. Further toward Coburg past Phillips Street is hazy as it was terra incognito for a young kid.. Oh one last thing, just around the corner of Moreland Road in Haig Avenue a very famous Australian lived. The Chico Roll was made there for many years.

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