Victoria Import Export

Victoria St, Brunswick.

This gem is just off the dirty, busy Sydney Rd. It carries with it a touch of the Mediterranean I reckon, and to me, totally engenders the old Anglo/Italian attitude of this area.

Check the weights on that ‘face! That whole wall is screaming, “Pffft … like I give a shit … buy my stuff” 

In case you needed to pick up a cheeky pair of tongs while BMX shopping, Victoria Import/Export has got your back. Also loving the inappropriate punctuation, (unless Tool is a brand of BMX??) and flippant use of the serif. “What, you want a serif on the bar and the stem? Back off, amateur.”

“We didn’t change address … we just got MORE”

“Yeah, I dot my uppercase I’s … What’s it to you? …. Buy some shit”

I love this place.


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