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Type:Melbourne Day trip – Ballarat

So, I was up in Ballarat over the weekend for a few gigs with this lovely fellow and spotted approximately one metric shit-tonne of ghost signage. I only had a decent half day wandering around, and I imagine there were a lot more hiding around corners and behind gates, but here’s a few that I managed to snap.

Ballarat is teeming with cultural history and has been the stage for some of the country’s greatest nation-building events, but I’d rather tell you a little about The Gravy Spot.

This was one of my favourite finds. Partly because it wasn’t as obvious as some of the others, but mostly because it was painted onto the side of Ballarat’s premier late night food spot, The Gravy Spot. This den of deliciousness was directly across the road from our hotel room balcony and 2 doors up from the J.D. Sportsbar (which looked about as classy as it sounds.) The Gravy Spot open their doors at 11pm and don’t stop dishing out the fried goods till the last shit-faced patron stumbles out their door. Specialities include chips, chips and gravy, and chips, chesse and gravy.

PROTIP: If you clear your own rubbish you may well get a free dim-sim. Just look at these  happy customers:

After witnessing first hand the joys of Ballarat nightlife, I can say that it’s no mistake they named this little thoroughfare Police Lane.

Anyway, on with the show …

Thank you Ballarat!


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